Sales, Promotions &
Business Planning

We establish and implement exceptional e-commerce business plans
and to nourish brand characters audiences love.


Pricing, Assortment,
and Merchandising


Campaign Management
and Optimization


Strategic Business


Pricing, Assortment, and Merchandising

Building a future-proof e-commerce business requires a strong foundation. Proper execution of the fundamental retail principles is instrumental in propelling the business forward.

In Synagie, our CBD team has mastered the implementation of an effective 7P’s commerce model that compels brands to execute brilliant business basics.

Campaign Management and Optimization

The e-commerce landscape in the region relies heavily on strong customer chokehold. Remaining relevant amidst fast-changing consumer demands is a constant challenge for brands aiming to embrace a true omni-channel strategy.

As experts of ecommerce management, Synagie remains on top of the brands activities to continuously optimize and innovate through strong reinforcement of business objectives with smart tactics and relevant business tools.

Building a strong commercial infrastructure

We drive revenue and growth by developing commercial building blocks that target various consumer segments at different phases of the consumer journey.

Planning distinct and diverse campaigns

We create relevant and exciting initiatives that are adjacent to the various business objectives across the brand commerce funnel using the most relevant tools.

Optimizing business initiatives

We obsess with real-time commercial and marketing data that allows us to make quick decisions in driving stronger results.

Strategic Business Planning


Setting the tone and trajectory
of the brand business

Backed with relevant data, we help in shaping the business direction through fresh and creative takes on contemporary business solutions.


Providing up-to-date
channels strategy

With Synagie’s strong relationship with various digital points of sale, we collaborate on learnings with our channel partners and take insights to the next level.


Define big user moments and implement strategies

As industry leaders, we observe tentpole events and challenge ourselves in exceeding previous peaks through continuous refinement of winning tactics.


Manage business stakes
and return on investment

We take care of not only the growth of the business but also how to optimize investments to capture better business revenues across the board.


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