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Our Core Values


We are committed to strive for excellence and provide high quality of services that exceeds our stakeholder's expectation.


We adapt agile process that promotes sustainable development and positive response to changes.


We win and work as a team. We treat our employees and stakeholders with mutual respect and dignity. We respect the rule of law of every country we operate.


We empower our employees and provide them with an environment that ignite their potentials and enhance their capabilities through learning experience.

Why We Love Synagie

Synagie gives a large space to learn and increase capability, we often saw an opportunity because the company hears our concerns.

The thing I love most about the company is that Synagie look for good quality, in handling customers and concerns, and with this, I trust that the company will keep raising and giving good credibility and a good impression to clients. I am also happy to see that my local team almost never comes late login.


Teamwork at Synagie is what surprised me most especially the people, regardless of day/time/out of office hours/where they are, whenever help or support is in need, you will absolutely get it!

As for the Management Team, I think most of us used to experience the difficulty of reaching to the Management Team, but here at Synagie, the Management Team is reachable and touchable! Growing with a career path is one of people look for, in Synagie you'll always get a good opportunity.


Synagie has always risen to the ever-changing and expanding e-commerce ecosystem, and I find it exciting to be in a company that embraces and adapts to this.

I love the atmosphere of Synagie! It’s very open and welcoming, and even amid the fast-paced e-commerce culture there is still room for care and compassion. There is something extremely special and fulfilling about working with people who share the same passion, resilience, and sense of collaboration.


Being in Synagie, is both an honor and opportunity. Honor in a way that I was able to work with excellent people, connect with young professionals, and an opportunity to grow as an employee and Individual.

It feels home to me, and just like home, I grew gradually, from Chat Specialist to Subject Matter Expert, and now a Team Leader. Not to mention, that they also show their 100% support for me being a musician. I am just so grateful to be a part of the company and I can't wait to spend more years here.


I love the work culture in here, so much diversity but we can come together as one.

I like the work culture here. It's like there are no barriers to each other, it's not just me and you, it's about us working as a team, so we can learn from each other. And I like the surprise packages that were sent suddenly by the company, this shows how much the company values us as its employees. I am very glad to join Synagie, not only as an employee but as an Individual.


The thing I enjoy working here is Synagie culture, where every voice matters. Management always takes care of and values us and I enjoy my job as a creative designer. In Synagie, there is a space of freedom where I can develop creative thinking to deliver work creatively. Additionally, all team members respect & support each other. There's always teamwork that lets us get through every challenge and succeed together. You are always part of a team that are skilled and positive people. Synagie is more than just a job. It’s like a second family and I am happy to be here.


Working in Synagie helps me a lot in learning how to upgrade myself, how to create a brand-new team from a beginning, slowly but surely. I love the environment here where we can share our experiences with each other.
A general thing I like most in Synagie is we always have good support from our manager and teammates every time we need help. For my own local team, we have spent many small & big campaigns together, now we are like warriors and We are proud of ourselves.


Synagie provide us a friendly and conducive environment to work into, which helps employees to give a good quality of work and not worry about other thing besides work. In terms of career growth, it also provides the best platform to enhance our knowledge and skills. I look forward to being a part of this company for a long to come.


I have been with Synagie for over 2 years now and I truly enjoy working with my co-workers. It's a very light-hearted atmosphere that encouraged me to go to work every day.

Exciting challenges in this company allow me to use my interest and experience in growing sustainability efforts, and my experience and how my developing metrics could be useful here to propel the business forward. Every day brings a new challenge to me, there is so much more to learn here!


In Operation, every day is a working challenge. New challenges appear daily to be resolved. I believe that there will always be a solution to each challenge if you tried hard enough. I am proud to have the amazing operation team, without all their hard work, important campaigns will not be a success.

To my team: Keep pushing yourself to the limit, aim for the sky and never give up. What I promised, I will always try my best to fulfil it for you all.


I love the team culture we have built in Synagie Philippines. When we started building the local team, we considered other important factors besides skills: initiative, grit, and culture fit. Looking at the team now, I am quite proud of how we are able to build such a collaborative team. We have such a diverse set of unique characters that sincerely support each other, leveraging on the strengths of one another to deliver results beyond expectations.


The best thing about working in Synagie is that they value the career and personal development of every employee and strive to provide as many opportunities as possible to cultivate different skills and talents.

Management consistently entrusted me with responsibilities and tasks that challenged me to be innovative and efficient with my work. They also share valuable insights and lessons that inspired me to dream big and work hard to achieve the goals I set for myself.


I believe that team work makes the dream work! What I like most about working in Synagie is the Team Collaboration.


Working style of Synagie is very free and allow the employees to manage their works according to their preferred style. I like the openness to communication/suggestions as well as my team members who are supportive and respectful.


Synagie values true leadership as a Company and has faith in people who help the organization succeed and differentiate its value to business partners.

For over 2 years with the Company, I see everyone encouraged to ignite innovative ideas and nurture an environment of trust and respect amongst teammates. Leadership focuses on building a personality beyond normal limitations, raising a person’s performance to a higher standard and inspiring team members to be more engaged toward achieving common goals.


Synagie has been a great help to my family & I especially during the pandemic. Thanks to my CES Family, Leadership Team, Ms. Sheila Perez (Vice President of People & Culture), and Ms. Olive Tai (Co-Founder of Synagie) who helped my family recover from the devastation of Super Typhoon Rai in Dec '21.

I am grateful to Synagie & to my colleagues as they enable opportunities & connect people to careers where they can grow, be there for you in your darkest & happy moments, lifting your spirit up & treating you as a family.



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