Consumer Engagement Specialist


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Date: March 22, 2022 7:21:10 AM UTC
Company: Synagie
City: Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Country: MY


About Synagie

Synagie is an eCommerce company that provides end-to-end commerce enablement solutions to businesses selling online and offline. Our mission is to simplify commerce and make it easier for brands and businesses to sell online. Established in end 2014, our clients include some of the world’s leading MNCs in the consumer goods sector and SMBs who are looking to simplify the complex commerce process.

Synagie and its Brand Partners

For Synagie and its Brand Partners, we eat, sleep, and breathe only one thing – a seamless consumer experience. And this is where you step in, aiding the consumer in their shopping journey. Five Cs we need from you: Charm, Confidence, Creativity, Camaraderie, and Craze! It takes only raw energy in bringing smiles to our consumers’ faces through an exciting, collaborative, and personalized purchasing experience. Synagie will help bring you to the level of competence through our exceptional training program. Just mix in your passion and add some water.

Consumer Engagement Specialists- the heart of Synagie

As Consumer Engagement Specialist, you will act as the chief supervisor of the online boutique/s of the brand/s you manage. You will foster a highly pleasant environment for consumers to make the best buying decisions that will make them come back craving for more. Equipped with enthusiasm and skill, you will be guiding the consumer from prospecting, product inquiry, concerns, purchase, and feedback. Specifically, you will:

  • Effectively and professionally manage customer queries (questions, concerns, complaints, requests, and feedback) via call, chat, e-mail, reviews, comments, and other form of communication media on the eCommerce channels and platforms we manage;
  • Successfully liaise with relevant parties, both internal and external, to ensure timely, efficient, and effective course of action for customer queries;
  • Strategically form a well thought, thoroughly guided, and most appropriate resolution to customer queries that is effective, efficient, and timely;
  • Establish stronger customer relationships through courteous pre-sales services and post-sales follow-ups;
  • Participate in learning programs, seminars, and classes for continuous knowledge gain on the latest industry trends and best practices; and
  • Any other duties as assigned by the management.

Synagie believes you will be an awesome fit for this role if you:

  • Are passionate about consumer experience, innovation, beauty, fashion, and eCommerce;
  • Possess good communication skills and mastery of the English and Chinese language;
  • Have experience in any consumer management industry (customer service, hospitality, retail, etc.); and
  • Hold a bachelor’s degree in any discipline of study.
  • No bachelor’s degree yet? Fret not! As long as you have at least two years’ worth of college studies and three years of experience in any relevant field, you are very much welcome here!

Why choose to join Synagie?

  • The vision. Synagie wants to be the best. We thrive on innovation. We are competitive, but we compete only with ourselves. The feeling of working on something that will only get bigger and better is unparalleled.
  • The culture. We are a Singapore founded company with a start up culture that is backed by Alibaba Group! You get to grow in your career managing the company’s businesses while charting the next chapter of Synagie’s growth – are you up for it?
  • The people. We have such an incredible and diverse mix of people from all walks of life. You will work with the smartest, warmest, and most talented people in this industry. Working with such remarkable professionals makes one beam with pride.
  • The expertise. The main thrust of Synagie is continuous improvement of talent through research, testing & learning, and training. We make sure you grow where you want to. With us, you will be able to learn so much about products, processes all of which may pave future opportunities to manage the company’s business while chartering the next chapter of Synagie’s growth and a lot more!
  • The E-Commerce. Be in the thick of the E-Commerce action where we work with FMCG and Prestige Beauty brands as well as Channel partners to drive business growth, consumers’ penetration and enhance shopping journey.
  • The expertise. The main thrust of Synagie is continuous improvement of talent through research, testing & learning, and training. We make sure you grow where you want to. With us, you will be able to learn so much about products, processes, and customer service – all of which may pave future opportunities to make you a Trainer, a Team Leader, a Lifestyle Advisor, a Social Media Community Manager, and a lot more!

Experience: 3 Year

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