Data Engineer

Singapore | Internship

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Roles & Responsibilities

As a Data Engineer, you will experience being a contributor to an integral part of the day-to-day commercial and marketing operations via data warehouse management. You will extend technical and organizational prowess by acquiring, processing, and presenting information for general data analysis. Specifically, you will:

  • Provide database support with ETL tools for analytical and reporting purposes
  • Build data model and data pipeline architecture to compile large datasets for business requirements
  • Understand data flow and process to develop the analytical data layer in the on- premise database and highly scalable cloud data platform
  • Leverage on variety of programming languages & data crawling/processing tools to ensure data reliability, quality & efficiency
  • Focus on automatization data flow processes
  • Supporting Data Analysts with evaluating data flow patterns


We believe you will be an awesome fit for this role if you:
  • With experience in ETL/ELT pipelines and processes
  • With experience in Relational Database Management Systems and No-SQL Databases
  • Strong proficiency in writing production-quality code preferable in Python
  • Additional skills: Cloud services like AWS, GCP, Azure, Time Series Forecasting, Classification and Optimization problems, SharePoint automation, web scraping


Why choose to join Synagie?

The vision. Synagie wants to be the best. We thrive on innovation. We are competitive, but we compete only with ourselves. The feeling of working on something that will only get bigger and better is unparalleled.

The culture. We are a Singapore founded company with a start up culture that is backed by Alibaba Group! You get to grow in your career managing the company’s businesses while charting the next chapter of Synagie’s growth – are you up for it?

The people. We have such an incredible and diverse mix of people from all walks of life. You will work with the smartest, warmest, and most talented people in this industry. Working with such remarkable professionals makes one beam with pride.

The expertise. The main thrust of Synagie is continuous improvement of talent through research, testing & learning, and training. We make sure you grow where you want to. With us, you will be able to learn so much about products, processes all of which may pave future opportunities to manage the company’s business while chartering the next chapter of Synagie’s growth and a lot more!

The E-Commerce. Be in the thick of the E-Commerce action where we work with FMCG and Prestige Beauty brands as well as Channel partners to drive business growth, consumers’ penetration and enhance shopping journey.

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